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Imagine a world filled with flying, smiling balloons, stitchlings who carry them, birds that have fish heads and fish heads that have bird-beaks...

Now imagine that you could go beyond that. =)


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Alex Lehr
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I am blessed to say I have a wonderful woman in my life who inspires me spiritually every day! =D Cheers to Dawn, aka Mystica Queen!

I am severely pro-life, pro-gun and pro-God! =) The thought of abortion being allowed appalls me, and I believe that marriage is the union of a man and a woman, nothing more, nothing less. =) I believe in sparing a child no matter how the conception came about. I believe that people should be able to keep their businesses even if their faith makes someone lawsuit-happy. =) God bless those who don't let this world tear them down. =D

I am currently an English writing/Journalism student at Southeastern Oklahoma State University, and am a current senior.

I am currently the author of The Legacy of Mosoon series, as can be seen on Fictionpress here:…

I am also the manager of Collectors Photography, seen here:…

Me and Dawn do a lot of photography together, she's my favorite subject. I am happily biased! =D

The wings that fly me are the Wings of God. The rivers that carry me are of the Earth. Together, when has there been any change, for the beauty is strong and forever. My specialties are photomanipulation and I enjoy it very much. Of course my favorite ones to do are Star Wars crossovers and LOL!!! I also am getting into doing Doctor Who work (GREATEST SHOW EVER)! I hope to advance my drawing skills and photomanipulation skills! Here to a new age of art!

I have been blessed to have a wondrous woman in my life by the name of Dawn Frazier, and I could never be happier without her, inspiring me every day and bringing me closer to God

In interest, I have to say I am rather obsessive to the dark, morbid, strange, disgusting, and moody! =D I am also a Batman maniac, and my absolute favorite villain in Poison Ivy! I am quite unhealthily obsessed with drawing Ivy (giggles madly), and am currently an escaped inmate of the Wiggle Asylum for the Criminally Insane. =D I also really enjoy doing original work from the book series I am working on! =D

Current Residence: Durant, Oklahoma
Favourite genre of music: the kind you hear from Final Fantasy games
Favourite photographer: My father, Richard Lehr
Favourite style of art: Photomanipulation
Skin of choice: Caucasien! But usually...I love blue skin! Because blue skinned people rock!!!
Favourite cartoon character: Miroku
Personal Quote: "I do not live to be understood. I live to understand. Jesus Christ is my savior"


So... I finally decided to cave in and share my thoughts. Actually, this is an opinion article I wrote for the Southeastern Oklahoma State University paper, and in it, I acknowledge just how misled ALL sides of all of this useless, idiotic bickering on social media has been at late. Both sides have been wrong, the Christians and gays, the "oppressed" and Confederate wielders... Have a read if you dare, but caution before you do: it will offend all sides. It will make all sides angry, because I am fed up with both and I made sure to state with great detail why I am. If you're easily offended or don't have an open mind to the truth behind all of this needless bickering on social media as of late, don't read this, seriously, but I wanted to share it because, quite honestly, I am sick, sick, sick of how much hatred has been spewed from both sides, how much fighting has gone down over what is clearly just a distraction from the true bile that our government is doing. I am sick of social media destroying relationships, and I am sick of people treating each other ugly over this (and it comes from both sides, not just one). Anyway, here goes: the most controversial opinion article for the paper I have ever written.

Again, this article will offend ALL sides, because ALL sides are in the wrong in different ways. 


   “Dag nabbit kids!” This is a phrase which highly utilizes agitation with young rapscallions who go on the lawn when they are not supposed to, and this is the theme of AlexLehr as he witnesses a national degradation that makes him feel like one of those “whippersnapper finger shaker atters.”

   I’m referring to the new religious movement known as the Church of Offenciatus. Offenciatus is apparently a recently created deity who laid down a single commandment that his people must follow: “Thou Shalt Be Offended By Everything that Blinks in Thy General Direction.”

   Many, many in America and other nations have taken to following this recent deity, worshipping feelings above all other things, and it has agitated me beyond capacity. When did we become so worshipful of our feelings that we allow politicians to rule our lives as if we were puppets on strings (which we are, right now).

   Every single day I have gotten on Facebook recently, there is some ongoing war between gays and believers, between friends and family and Confederate flag wielders and ‘the oppressed black folk who feel that such a flag represents past injustices.’ There is so much rainbow-filled pandemonium and insecure verbal rioting on social media and beyond that it has led to relationships falling apart in the blink of an eye.

   And I have one thing to say to everyone: get over it. Seriously, get over it. Stop your bickering and stop your negative sparking, both sides. I have seen everything from “Christians are being persecuted and this is the end of our time” to “They want to take away our rights and shove their religion down my throat,” or “This flag is a symbol of hatred and it must be removed from public sight at once, placed in a museum where it belongs!”

   Seriously, this pathetic onslaught of bickering over a controversial distraction is what will exterminate people and take rights away, and what will continually oppress us all to the point where we and the slaves of the past are one in the same. And yes, I do mean distraction, because that is exactly what this is.

   Notice that we never had such verbal rioting concerning the Confederate flag until a politician decided to say something about it. Notice that gay marriage was never an issue until President Obama needed to distract us with something to take our media-focused attention away from the more intent matters. We, America, have been played because the politicians, oily as they are, know how to make us slip up and not be able to move forward.

   I am honestly disappointed in all sides. I, as a believer in Christ who personally is opposed to homosexuality and abortion, am disappointed in the fighting that has broken out over this. Are we not a united states anymore? Are we not a unity, a country that stands together and fights against the real enemy, who are all sitting in Washington right now, voting for themselves raises as rewards to tearing our nation and its people down?

   Enough is enough. Seriously, it is. The more we allow ourselves to spew nasty comments and sarcastic judgment at each other (I’m talking to both sides, not just one), the more we go deeper and deeper into what will amount to a third-world country.

   In church the other day, my pastor Chuck told us all some amazingly important things that I believe Christians and gays alike need to hear, as well as Confederates and the supposed oppressed: during a time of darkness and sin, that is when God will shine brightest. I truly believe this. He told us that, if the Supreme Court decides to be the ones who enforce righteousness upon the nation (not their job, but yet they still profess to do so), that the response must be to pray and praise God.

   When we are threatened with genocide over beliefs, we pray and praise God.

   When we feel like our country has given into sin, we pray and praise God.

   In other words, nothing has changed in the slightest whatsoever. We keep doing what we’ve always done. Why should this political garbage that is clearly just a distraction from how screwed up our government is tear apart our relationships and make us forget that God not only has big shoulders, but will use them. It sickens me when people act like God can’t take the bad things that happen: He’s God, He’s a lot bigger than us and He’s got this handled. What are we trying to do, trying to change hearts and souls? That is not our job. Our job is to give it to God.

   Gays, similarly, you need to stop calling yourselves brave. You are not brave. You profess to like a certain gender and that is all. The media needs to stop coddling you and focus on issues that actually matter. You have free reign to marry whom you please. Show the same respect of acknowledgment to those who do not believe as you do: people will not agree with you sometimes because they believe in God’s word and believe God’s word is leading them not to support your lifestyle, and guess what? That does not ruin your marriage to your spouse. It does not make you any less of a human when they clash out at you and tear you down.

   Hold you head up and keep living the lifestyle that you have chosen to live; we, as Christians, cannot nor would God want us to force you to change ways, so why act as if you are victims? You are not. You, like the rage-filled extremists who claim that your marriage will tear down the nation and world, are attention seekers, you who do not simply live your lives and stop pursuing negative light based on your situation.

   Both sides who spend all their time fighting and making negative posts, or spend time suing organizations or churches just because they place does not see things as you do? Get a life and get a move on.

   Confederate defenders, you guys are probably less of a nuisance merely because I haven’t seen too much negativity spewed from you, but all the same, I have still seen it. You and the supposed oppressed folks who feel threatened by your flag must move on from these petty arguments and do something productive with your life. If someone puts you down for bearing that flag, does that stop you from carrying it on and carrying on with a day that you will not allow to be ruined based on the ignorance of one? Similarly, those victims of racial attacks, will you allow ignorant racists who use the flag as a weapon (and only those who do) to ruin your days?

   The time has come to stop worshiping our feelings and move on with our lives. Focus on issues that matter, such as unemployment scares on the horizon or ISIS butchering your fellow human beings. Stop getting distracted by over glamourized claptrap and stand together, all of you in brotherhood, because there are far, far bigger threats on the horizon that a flag or “redefinition” of marriage. Much bigger threats.

   And we, as a nation that must strive to be the best that we can be, must not destroy ourselves with petty warring of our own. Turn your anger against the true oppressors: your government, who began this distraction.    


  • Mood: Anger

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