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Imagine a world filled with flying, smiling balloons, stitchlings who carry them, birds that have fish heads and fish heads that have bird-beaks...

Now imagine that you could go beyond that. =)


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Alex Lehr
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I am blessed to say I have a wonderful woman in my life who inspires me spiritually every day! =D Cheers to Dawn, aka Mystica Queen!

I am severely pro-life, pro-gun and pro-God! =) The thought of abortion being allowed appalls me, and I believe that marriage is the union of a man and a woman, nothing more, nothing less. =) I believe in sparing a child no matter how the conception came about. I believe that people should be able to keep their businesses even if their faith makes someone lawsuit-happy. =) God bless those who don't let this world tear them down. =D

I am currently an English writing/Journalism student at Southeastern Oklahoma State University, and am a current senior.

I am currently the author of The Legacy of Mosoon series, as can be seen on Fictionpress here:…

I am also the manager of Collectors Photography, seen here:…

Me and Dawn do a lot of photography together, she's my favorite subject. I am happily biased! =D

The wings that fly me are the Wings of God. The rivers that carry me are of the Earth. Together, when has there been any change, for the beauty is strong and forever. My specialties are photomanipulation and I enjoy it very much. Of course my favorite ones to do are Star Wars crossovers and LOL!!! I also am getting into doing Doctor Who work (GREATEST SHOW EVER)! I hope to advance my drawing skills and photomanipulation skills! Here to a new age of art!

I have been blessed to have a wondrous woman in my life by the name of Dawn Frazier, and I could never be happier without her, inspiring me every day and bringing me closer to God

In interest, I have to say I am rather obsessive to the dark, morbid, strange, disgusting, and moody! =D I am also a Batman maniac, and my absolute favorite villain in Poison Ivy! I am quite unhealthily obsessed with drawing Ivy (giggles madly), and am currently an escaped inmate of the Wiggle Asylum for the Criminally Insane. =D I also really enjoy doing original work from the book series I am working on! =D

Current Residence: Durant, Oklahoma
Favourite genre of music: the kind you hear from Final Fantasy games
Favourite photographer: My father, Richard Lehr
Favourite style of art: Photomanipulation
Skin of choice: Caucasien! But usually...I love blue skin! Because blue skinned people rock!!!
Favourite cartoon character: Miroku
Personal Quote: "I do not live to be understood. I live to understand. Jesus Christ is my savior"


Dwana Frazeer: Bounty Hunter by GronHatchat
Dwana Frazeer: Bounty Hunter
"So...I have to say, I'm impressed," Jahonix Caydeen praised Dwana, sitting across from her in his dark office as a storm raged happily outside, rain splashing hard against the window. She sat opposite him, in the deeper shadows, silently awaiting more talk. He noted the mechanical eyepatch covering her left. "What happened to your eye? That looks like a recent addition."

"I don't want to talk about it," she replied swiftly and quietly. "What I want to talk about is my payment."

"Yes, like I said, I'm impressed," the Gingo-Guten nodded, stroking his elephantine trunk slowly. "Ujio Xerxes has been on my list for a very long time. He killed many scores of my boys and girls downstairs, not to mention a handful of the CCS's top shooters. He was probably one of the most renowned bounties I ever posted."

"And now he's dead, you have his body, and I'll be collecting my rewards," she hissed darkly, one hand settled neatly on the other glove, ready to rip it off at a moment's notice and put the mob boss in his place. 

"Yes, your rewards... I'll gladly pay you the fifty-thousand Skaavrans, of course, as my bounty promised. But curiosity wins me over concerning your additional request. An off the records transport directly out of Arigoy. You didn't specify a world, and I'm curious as to whom you're running from. Someone like you, someone who was able to take down an extraordinarily dangerous individual such as Ujio Xerxes... what do you have to be afraid of?"

"It's my own."

"I'm making it mine, now," Caydeen noted firmly, tapping his fingers together impatiently. "If you want me to provide transport, you tell me the full story."

"Part!" she snapped, her eyes locking dangerously with him. He smiled.

"Deal. Tell."

"I've attracted the wrong kind of attention for too long. I want shot of this place for good. Arigoy doesn't cut it for me anymore, and there are affiliations here...affiliations I want severed. I want a new start, in another world. I'm putting the bounty hunting behind me....and I'm never coming back to Arigoy."

"I see... a new start, eh?" He closed his eyes, and exhaled deeply. "I wanted one myself, at one point. But you know what I found out about that, Miss Polix?"

Dwana Frazeer blinked, but said nothing. Or, rather, "Herelda Polix" blinked and said nothing. These men knew nothing of "Dwana Frazeer," and she aimed to keep it that way, at least until she was off world. 

"I found out that we'll always drag ourselves right back into the fray if we don't have a good enough reason for running away."

"I have too many good reasons," she replied swiftly and firmly. Caydeen smiled softly. 

"Are you sure about that?" he asked. 

No, she said in her mind. No, I really am not. 
Dwana Frazeer: Scars Cannot Hold Beauty at Bay by GronHatchat
Dwana Frazeer: Scars Cannot Hold Beauty at Bay
"No gloves tonight?" Rabin Lavender asked her, as she shuffled into the room quietly. His lavender eyes were glowing, beaming with utter delight as he beheld her simple green dress. She looked very nice in it, and he was glad to see that she had finally become comfortable enough to try on the dress that had been his homecoming gift for her, among many more things. 

Shards of glass saturated her hair. The mission had been a bad one. Her scars were deep, her cuts fierce. 

She slowly stroked her left hand with her right, shaking slightly, looking unsure if she wanted to take off the other one. 

"I... I just wanted to see if I could go...without hurting anyone..." she mumbled.

Rabin shook his head. "Realize this... your stress, your anxiety, if you give into them, you will..."

"Then what should I do?" she breathed, staring nervously at the dinner table he had provided for them both. And he smiled.

"You should shut up and enjoy yourself for a change." 

Change is good. Sometimes, it is very good. 
Green Eggs and Hamlet 2015, presented by SEOSU by GronHatchat
Green Eggs and Hamlet 2015, presented by SEOSU
As Editor in Chief of the 2015 Green Eggs and Hamlet 2015 publication, I am proud to present the entire 60 page booklet to you viewers on Deviantart. My team worked hard, as well as the countless submitters, to create this university publication, and I myself have worked on putting the book together for the last two days. =)

After three long months of anxiety and restlessness concerning this publication, I am beyond honored and overjoyed to share it with the world! Please enjoy and consider supporting the artists and writers involved!

- Alex Lehr, Editor in Chief 

An official PDF URL can also be found here:…
  • Mood: Joy
Last night, the amazing site Humble Bundle, which sends aid to charities around the world and in exchange, rewards donaters with genuine Steam keys for games on Steam and some for direct download, did a Star Wars auction! I, of course, being a natural Wookie, took advantage of the amazing charity event, which can be found here:

One thing on this amazing list was Star Wars Battlefront 2! And this is where you guys come in. You see, I ALREADY have Battlefront 2 on Steam, meaning that the key I got last night has not been used yet. So, I am wanting to give it to someone on here, and I was thinking about making a small contest out of it, if you guys have Steam and are interested in having Battlefront 2, which in my opinion is one of the most fun Star Wars games produced. =D

The contest is simple: take one of the characters from my Legacy of Mosoon series and draw them in whatever way you want, whether it be a simple rendering, drawing or even a detailed scene of them relaxing and having fun! =D It can be simple or complex, and whoever's I like the most, I'll give them the Battlefront 2 key! =D Let me know if anyone would like to do this! =D

The characters to choose from are:

Espera: Eldria Stajo: The Warlord Without an Army by GronHatchat

Dwana: Dwana- A Spark in the Air by GronHatchat

Talina: Talina Questai, a Lady in Green by GronHatchat

Luna: Luna: A Garden of Tranquility by GronHatchat

Riona: Riona: Mirror to Ivy by GronHatchat

Rabin: Rabin Lavender by GronHatchat

Attuck Saron: Attuck- Vector by GronHatchat or Attuck Saron by GronHatchat 




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