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Imagine a world filled with flying, smiling balloons, stitchlings who carry them, birds that have fish heads and fish heads that have bird-beaks...

Now imagine that you could go beyond that. =)


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Alex Lehr
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I am blessed to say I have a wonderful woman in my life who inspires me spiritually every day! =D Cheers to Dawn, aka Mystica Queen!

I am severely pro-life, pro-gun and pro-God! =) The thought of abortion being allowed appalls me, and I believe that marriage is the union of a man and a woman, nothing more, nothing less. =) I believe in sparing a child no matter how the conception came about. I believe that people should be able to keep their businesses even if their faith makes someone lawsuit-happy. =) God bless those who don't let this world tear them down. =D

I am currently an English writing/Journalism student at Southeastern Oklahoma State University, and am a current senior.

I am currently the author of The Legacy of Mosoon series, as can be seen on Fictionpress here:…

I am also the manager of Collectors Photography, seen here:…

Me and Dawn do a lot of photography together, she's my favorite subject. I am happily biased! =D

The wings that fly me are the Wings of God. The rivers that carry me are of the Earth. Together, when has there been any change, for the beauty is strong and forever. My specialties are photomanipulation and I enjoy it very much. Of course my favorite ones to do are Star Wars crossovers and LOL!!! I also am getting into doing Doctor Who work (GREATEST SHOW EVER)! I hope to advance my drawing skills and photomanipulation skills! Here to a new age of art!

I have been blessed to have a wondrous woman in my life by the name of Dawn Frazier, and I could never be happier without her, inspiring me every day and bringing me closer to God

In interest, I have to say I am rather obsessive to the dark, morbid, strange, disgusting, and moody! =D I am also a Batman maniac, and my absolute favorite villain in Poison Ivy! I am quite unhealthily obsessed with drawing Ivy (giggles madly), and am currently an escaped inmate of the Wiggle Asylum for the Criminally Insane. =D I also really enjoy doing original work from the book series I am working on! =D

Current Residence: Durant, Oklahoma
Favourite genre of music: the kind you hear from Final Fantasy games
Favourite photographer: My father, Richard Lehr
Favourite style of art: Photomanipulation
Skin of choice: Caucasien! But usually...I love blue skin! Because blue skinned people rock!!!
Favourite cartoon character: Miroku
Personal Quote: "I do not live to be understood. I live to understand. Jesus Christ is my savior"


At Peace With Evil by GronHatchat
At Peace With Evil
Having succeeded in taking a second life, Pamela Isley buries her first two victims within the deep, cluster-worthy vegetation in her secret spot within the Hallowed Woods, which border Gotham on the south side. There, she will continue to bury her victims for the next two years, and with each murder she will find more and more encouragement to continue "purging the dangers to nature in the name of Mother Earth." Now officially a serial killer, she has made peace with herself, and her heart has expanded with the first true happiness that she has felt in a very long time. 

(part of a fan fiction I am working on, the first chapter of which can be found here: Isley: A Progression in Chaos ) 
For the newspaper at Southeastern Oklahoma State University this month:



   A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there was a man named George Lucas who completely and effectively transformed the foundations of science fiction and fantasy with his beloved child, the much beloved “Star Wars” saga.

   Spanning six initial, action packed, drama filled, emotion siphoning live-action adventures, created during varying decades and hosting a limitless supply of creative worlds, creatures and unforgettable stories, “Star Wars” revolutionized just what we were allowed to do with science fiction as a genre.

   While the original trilogy still holds up as the majority fan favorite (the prequels, made almost two decades after the original trilogy, were not considered mass favorites by many), the prequels ultimately delivered something that I have recently found to be a gripping, much-needed recognition for the new: “The Clone Wars.”

   Conceived in 2008, “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” acts as a bridge between “Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones” and “Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith,” each episode intently detailing the endless warring between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, which we witnessed the start of in “Attack” and saw the finale to at the tragic, emotional ending of “Revenge.”

   Without a doubt, and as simply as I could put it, “The Clone Wars” is one of the absolute best shows I have watched. It defines everything that Star Wars is and should be. It perfected what the prequels sought to do, and re-kindled familiar appreciation for the original trilogy.

   Through each of its 121 episodes, I witnessed deeply the emotional turmoil of Anakin Skywalker as push after push was established in his arcs, fueling the transformation we knew was coming into the evil Darth Vader. I was dazzled by the stunning animation, and the effort put into the movements and script.

   Indeed one of the strongest elements to “The Clone Wars” was its visuals. Cartoonish, colorful and still downright realistic, Lucasfilm Animation stunned me with how simplistic and yet complex one could make this diverse world of aliens and planetary explorations. The faces had a wood-like, polygonal differentiation with each species and character recurred and introduced, its polish fun to the eye. In truth, Lucasfilm does a better job of conveying the real meets the cartoon than Disney (and we may get to their attempt at another time, with a “Star Wars: Rebels” look).

   The fight scenes were flawless. With animation, you have more power to control what kinds of fluid movements and physics alterations exist within conflict, and thus “Clone Wars” had a fast-paced, almost inhuman way about the animated choreography, illustrating the physical manipulations that Jedi and Sith alike manifest within their environments, giving it that much-needed fantasy element while still remaining strong and serious.

    However, visuals and movement aside, “The Clone Wars” reaches out to me for one colossal detail, which is probably the most important element to this colorful compound: the maturity.

   I was astounded, blown away and rendered sterile with just how mature this “Star Wars” masterpiece could be. It was dark, it was adult the entire way through. Now something to bear in mind is that George Lucas has a recurring charm to his work: he never gets too serious without throwing whimsical, often childish humor into the mix, and that is a good thing, because both are needed to appreciate this massive universe.

   However, with the “Clone Wars,” I did not just see a typical story of good versus evil with simplistic humor thrown in and watering down for the kids. I saw a man struggle between choosing to go down an evil path in order to prevent becoming a more gruesome evil or choosing to stay on the right path and inevitably allowing that evil to consume him anyway. I saw suicides committed during this galaxy ripping war because of the unbearable stress and misery it had wrought. I saw men dying left and right, relationships torn apart by conflicting ideologies and people tormented and murdered simply for being in the wrong places at the wrong time.

   Now bear in mind that this was on Cartoon Network. To me, this tells me one beautiful, heavily important fact: both Lucasfilm Animation and Lucas himself respect kids.

   This has seemingly become impossible in a world that is so obsessed with not offending anyone that businesses are considered hateful for sticking to their beliefs. The tiniest wrong look, the slight hint of disagreement or the mere display of a violent image and people tear you apart for not conforming to the accepted ideologies of society. George Lucas, who was executive producer to this show, does not buy any of that crap.

   He respects his audience, which of course would be the younger generation in addition to previous “Star Wars” fans by giving them dark, adult stories and expecting them to make the right choices in their own lives, without letting television decide how they should behave. More filmmakers and companies need to do this.

   Remember “Batman: The Animated Series,” how whimsical and yet how dark and testing it was? Remember all the dirty jokes from “Animaniacs,” (Finger Prince or fingerprints?) or the dark imagery of “Courage the Cowardly Dog?” All of these shows were and still are superior to the dumbed down, child-insulting riffraff that we call cartoons today. These shows brought kids out of their comfort zones and treated them maturely, and as if they had intelligence. They respected kids, and “The Clone Wars” is a very nice, very welcome return to this sort of bravery that is very much needed in younger generation entertainment today.

   I want to see the bounty hunter Cad Bane ruthlessly gun down an innocent man for trying to do his job as a security guard. I want to see Anakin Skywalker temporarily fall to the Dark Side and put the Force squeeze on the enemy he is interrogating, defying all principles based on his destiny as a Jedi. When I have kids of my own, I want them to see these things, from an early age, because in doing so, they will be given a mature chance to accept that darkness thrives in the world, but that we ultimately do not have to choose it.

   “The Clone Wars” is brilliant for its message of respect and its creative concepts. George Lucas is a master of creativity, a brilliant artist of the mind and of the soul itself. I heavily encourage this show to everyone, of all ages, even those who have not seen “Star Wars” before (this show is a wonderful way to get introduced to the franchise). It is currently streaming on Netflix, so hop on there now, activate hyper-drive and watch out of the Mynocks: “The Clone Wars” awaits you in a galaxy far, far away.

   When Luke Skywalker made his famous quote, “If there's a bright center to the universe, you're on the planet that it's farthest from,” I like to think that the bright center was this show.    

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