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Imagine a world filled with flying, smiling balloons, stitchlings who carry them, birds that have fish heads and fish heads that have bird-beaks...

Now imagine that you could go beyond that. =)


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Alex Lehr
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I am blessed to say I have a wonderful woman in my life who inspires me spiritually every day! =D Cheers to Dawn, aka Mystica Queen!

I am severely pro-life, pro-gun and pro-God! =) The thought of abortion being allowed appalls me, and I believe that marriage is the union of a man and a woman, nothing more, nothing less. =) I believe in sparing a child no matter how the conception came about. I believe that people should be able to keep their businesses even if their faith makes someone lawsuit-happy. =) God bless those who don't let this world tear them down. =D

I am currently an English writing/Journalism student at Southeastern Oklahoma State University, and am a current senior.

I am currently the author of The Legacy of Mosoon series, as can be seen on Fictionpress here:…

I am also the manager of Collectors Photography, seen here:…

Me and Dawn do a lot of photography together, she's my favorite subject. I am happily biased! =D

The wings that fly me are the Wings of God. The rivers that carry me are of the Earth. Together, when has there been any change, for the beauty is strong and forever. My specialties are photomanipulation and I enjoy it very much. Of course my favorite ones to do are Star Wars crossovers and LOL!!! I also am getting into doing Doctor Who work (GREATEST SHOW EVER)! I hope to advance my drawing skills and photomanipulation skills! Here to a new age of art!

I have been blessed to have a wondrous woman in my life by the name of Dawn Frazier, and I could never be happier without her, inspiring me every day and bringing me closer to God

In interest, I have to say I am rather obsessive to the dark, morbid, strange, disgusting, and moody! =D I am also a Batman maniac, and my absolute favorite villain in Poison Ivy! I am quite unhealthily obsessed with drawing Ivy (giggles madly), and am currently an escaped inmate of the Wiggle Asylum for the Criminally Insane. =D I also really enjoy doing original work from the book series I am working on! =D

Current Residence: Durant, Oklahoma
Favourite genre of music: the kind you hear from Final Fantasy games
Favourite photographer: My father, Richard Lehr
Favourite style of art: Photomanipulation
Skin of choice: Caucasien! But usually...I love blue skin! Because blue skinned people rock!!!
Favourite cartoon character: Miroku
Personal Quote: "I do not live to be understood. I live to understand. Jesus Christ is my savior"


Poison Ivy (Arkham Knight) by GronHatchat
Poison Ivy (Arkham Knight)
So, taking a break from my Pamela/Joker series for a moment, I became really excited to find out about all the additional baddies that will be appearing in the final part to the Arkham series, "Arkham Knight." One of those baddies is a returning Poison Ivy, and for the first time in the series, I am actually VERY attracted to her. I had actually hated how she looked and her wardrobe from the first two games, but here, she looks much more realistic, has more plump to her features, and it even looks like the wardrobe will be a little more modest, which is far sexier in my opinion! I really love the design they have given her, and I can't wait to see how she, the Scarecrow and so many more baddies give the Dark Knight his final Arkham challenge! This is my drawing of Arkham Knight's Poison Ivy. 
Pamela and Joker: At Last by GronHatchat
Pamela and Joker: At Last
Just as the gas began to spew out, its destination the demise of thousands of grade-school children, something most unexpected did occur. From above, from very high above, the glass window set into the ceiling exploded. Glass shards rained down from above and several people dived for cover as a dark, almost black shape, moving fast, with purpose, glided down from the ceiling and down towards the stage where Ivy and the Joker canisters were. 

Ivy watched in horror as the darkness threw out what must have been an arm. Three black, crescent shaped objects suddenly flew forward, unleashed by this dark titan's purpose, and in the next second, Ivy let out a gasp of shock as the balloons around her exploded, one by one, showering violent purple sparks. The canisters within made strange noises and stalled at once, the gas spewing from them quickly dissipating. 

Meanwhile, the darkness landed before her on the stage, and stood tall and mighty, leering at her. She stared with awe, with such fascination, overwhelmed by a sudden, thunderous sensation. 

"It's you," she whispered, and this time, she knew this to be true. No Jokers in disguises this time, no. This was him. This was Batman. He was as dark and formidable as she had imagined. His armor, such carapaces of fine design and bulk, were darker than storm nights. He glared at her through eyeholes in his black mask. Blue eyes. Such blueness. 

"Enough is enough," he said in a gruff, dark tone, and the Batman began to advance upon her. 
Pamela and Joker: Talent Show by GronHatchat
Pamela and Joker: Talent Show
Joker had a plan for Ivy, two weeks following the first successful reports of fatality rate increases in the narrows. Their toxins' potency had been superficially enhanced beyond the Joker's expectations due to Ivy's work, and thus the Joker had let her in on his next big game: to poison an entire elementary school whilst they attended an annual talent show. The target: Gotham Firecats Apprentice School, host to six thousand screaming little brats. Ivy, of course, was intrigued. 

The talent show was set to host entertainment midway through, via a clown act. As luck would have it, the Joker had captured said clown and brought him here. The terrified man lay naked and strewn across a tabletop, and she saw that letters had been craved across his chest. His blood read, "To Ivy, from Jooooooookkkkeeerrrrrrr." So many O's and K's and E's and R's carved into the man's flesh. He looked faint and was sobbing like a child. Ivy approached the man, her body shaking, her sexual arousal peaked at the sight before her. 

"Entertain me. You're going to be taking his place, after all," the Joker laughed maniacally, and Ivy, feeling a savage, animalistic urge take over her body, set to work at once, torturing the man for over near half an hour, her scalpels sailing, her syringes pumped and her carving knives alive with dance. After she had had her fill, she gave the man a kiss goodbye. Looking ravenously around at the Joker, she breathed, raggedly, "More."

"You're insane!" the Joker cried, giggling uncontrollably as he tap danced around the dead man's table, and promptly scooped up the man's hands, which Ivy had slowly sawed off. He set to work with them, forming the stiff fingers into mouth shapes as he put on an impromptu puppet show. "Hey, Ivy!" he squealed in a false, high-tempo voice. "I'm gonna give you more! You know why, Mr. Fuckface? Der....why?" the Joker added, this time in a dumb, apish monotone. "Why," he said in the high-pitched voice, "because Ivy's got the talent to show for it! Har har har!"

"How shall we proceed, then?" she asked softly, yanking the hands away from him and tossing them to the side casually. She gently straddled his shoulders and kissed him. "How shall we proceed, Mr. J?" she whispered sensually. The Joker gave her an evil grin. 

"Oooh! 'Mr. J'! I like that! From now on, I want to be called that more! It's simple, really: When we arrive at the school, we'll kill the person in charge of the roster and replace her with one of our own. No one there will know a thing."

"Very well," Ivy cooed, turning around now and bending over the table, across the dead man. "Pump me up, then." She had become more and more confident as of late to ask for sexual favors from the Joker himself, as he had christened her his unofficial official bangwagon. The Joker, howeverm yawned and twirled away.

"No thanks!" he cried aloud. "Too boring. Come on! Let's get you ready." He giggled. Ivy, affronted, and dark with interior fury at the Joker's rejection, gripped her fists tightly. She snatched up a butcher's knife and began to stab at the dead man's neck, stabbing furiously, over and over again with a poisonous vengeance. The Joker watched her calmly, grinning. "Done, are you?" he asked as she turned around slowly and dropped the knife to the floor with a loud clang. Her face was empty, blanker than blank. She walked past him slowly, shuffling almost, and said in a quiet voice, "Yes, Mr. J. Let's go..." Her tone was robotic. Dead.

However, when they arrived at the school that night, to the applause of more than three thousand screaming children, she showed no signs of this distancing herself, twirling about happily as she kept a grin to herself. Joker, of course, assumed that whatever had gone through her mind at the time of his rejection had simply faded as quickly as it had come. She energetically doused the woman in charge of the roster, Miss Kemp, with her powerful pheromones, and enticed the woman to follow her into the alley behind the school. There, Ivy brutally murdered her with her knife and hid her body away inside of the dumpster. All of this, Joker analyzed with interest. She was becoming more and more passionate with her killings as of late, and he was starting to feel as if she were heading into an almost uncontrollable frenzy.

Onstage that night, however, Ivy showed strong signs of energetic competence, gracefully dancing about the stage as she tossed and kicked balloons through the air, all painted up to look like cartoon Joker faces. When she threw herself across the stage, to the mass applause of the children and parental attendees, she casually kicked one balloon into the air, signalling Joker's men behind the stage to activate the gas canisters within. 

The gas slowly began to spew out. 
  • Mood: Joy
Last night, the amazing site Humble Bundle, which sends aid to charities around the world and in exchange, rewards donaters with genuine Steam keys for games on Steam and some for direct download, did a Star Wars auction! I, of course, being a natural Wookie, took advantage of the amazing charity event, which can be found here:

One thing on this amazing list was Star Wars Battlefront 2! And this is where you guys come in. You see, I ALREADY have Battlefront 2 on Steam, meaning that the key I got last night has not been used yet. So, I am wanting to give it to someone on here, and I was thinking about making a small contest out of it, if you guys have Steam and are interested in having Battlefront 2, which in my opinion is one of the most fun Star Wars games produced. =D

The contest is simple: take one of the characters from my Legacy of Mosoon series and draw them in whatever way you want, whether it be a simple rendering, drawing or even a detailed scene of them relaxing and having fun! =D It can be simple or complex, and whoever's I like the most, I'll give them the Battlefront 2 key! =D Let me know if anyone would like to do this! =D

The characters to choose from are:

Espera: Eldria Stajo: The Warlord Without an Army by GronHatchat

Dwana: Dwana- A Spark in the Air by GronHatchat

Talina: Talina Questai, a Lady in Green by GronHatchat

Luna: Luna: A Garden of Tranquility by GronHatchat

Riona: Riona: Mirror to Ivy by GronHatchat

Rabin: Rabin Lavender by GronHatchat

Attuck Saron: Attuck- Vector by GronHatchat or Attuck Saron by GronHatchat 




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